i am the walrus
i am the walrus
i'm happier than a camel on wednesday: nineteen; new york; Πβφ; wanderlust; coldplay; john mayer; dave franco; radiohead; lana del rey; marina & the diamonds; beatles; nirvana; the strokes; phoenix; soft rock; trance; concerts; south park; makeup; cute animals; city life; drunken nights; new girl; tosh; gatsby; kardashians; natalie portman; miranda kerr.
another update:

the pineapple my roommate and i drunkenly stole is rotting and it’s sad because that was our keepsake and a symbol of our fleeting youth.

this just in:

i won.

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a real romantic plot

what the fuck

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i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Wet Cities by Christophe Jacrot

French photographer Christophe Jacrot takes us out on the streets when most of us prefer staying sheltered. He captures the raw, stunning souls of Paris, New York and other cities in a different way, with artistic purpose in magical yet in-climate weather conditions.  

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