i am the walrus
i am the walrus
i'm happier than a camel on wednesday: nineteen; new york; Πβφ; wanderlust; coldplay; john mayer; dave franco; radiohead; lana del rey; marina & the diamonds; beatles; nirvana; the strokes; phoenix; soft rock; trance; concerts; south park; makeup; cute animals; city life; drunken nights; new girl; tosh; gatsby; kardashians; natalie portman; miranda kerr.

Anonymous said: what school are you going to??

lol i get this question every week. i’m just gonna put this on my FAQ


Anonymous said: Can you fill all of us in on what happened this past year that made you change so much? Don't get me wrong, it's a great change and you seem to be very happy, I'd just be interested to know why it happened. :)

whoa, wasn’t expecting this question. prepare yourself for a major rant about how much i LOVE summer and dislike winter. i guess just my outlook on life changed a lot this summer and my priorities gradually changed. i lost touch with a lot of my school friends over the summer and that made me realize that some of the people i surround myself with at school will not be the friends i’ll keep after high school. it was a summer of many firsts. my first time being away from home for one. also the first time my parents loosened up (they basically let me do whatever the fuck i wanted over the summer, as long as i wasn’t around the male species, and of course i didn’t tell them when i was lolol). i met a few douchebags, smoked a few blunts,  made new friends - friends that i know i will never let go of, traveled to the west coast for the first time, stayed out to ungodly hours of the night. i grew up a lot and did things i never thought i would… things that i think were essential for me to experience before going off to college. most importantly, i was not longing for something to happen. i was actually happy. i learned to live in the moment and not take things so seriously. sure, a lot of shit happened that i regret but i don’t think i would change a thing because of the domino effect. when one door closed, another one opened. getting back into my school routine was really tough for me because instantly, i was propelled back into a life full of stress and restrictions. now that i’m almost a second term senior, i’m learning to live a bit more easily and i look forward to experiencing the happiness that i indulged in over the summer. and this will begin on sunday when i join thousands of other new yorkers in a pantsless subway ride. THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.

Anonymous said: Would you be so kind and post a picture of your feet?

hahaha what in the world

pulchritudinous-beautifulxo-dea said: haaiii. i love your blogg. it's amazing. <3 && is your name (i-am-thewulrus) because of the beatles?

thank you :D
and yep, my favorite song by them :)

makeuppack said: love your tumblr! what are your favorite makeup brands! xx

thank you!! :) i really like mac, laura mercier, nars, and smashbox!

Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering if you had an inspirational/motivational songs? I'm making a 'Junior year' playlist and you seem so ahead of the game <3

haha i actually had a junior year playlist from last year! :)

each song on there described a month. they weren’t very inspirational though… more like depressing.

here ya go though!

veni-vidi-vici-2 said: Advice on how to get more people to follow you?

follow more people. a lot will follow back.

loudnonsense said: waiiit, how old are you? cause you say you go to brown and it says 16 on your about me. im jusss wondering

i went to a summer program at brown. i’m 16. seniorrrr :)

Anonymous said: Are you the eggman?

why of course ;)

Anonymous said: sorry but you look like rebecca black

not really. maybe to your eye because you only know me by one picture on tumblr. but no, i resemble rebecca black as much as i resemble natalie portman which is not a lot.

Anonymous said: either of them or both if you want hahah

This is mostly a compilation of my personal taste in music [aka band songs] along with songs that were popular during that time.

Summer ‘09:

1) Bouncing Off the Walls - Sugarcult

2) Love Game - Lady Gaga (they played that song everywhere in italy)

3) Lost In Stereo - All Time Low (because this was the summer when nothing personal came out!)

4) Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic at the Disco (lmao, ok i have no justification for this one…)

5) Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

6) Shake It - Metrostation

7) Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls (summer when the BLG album came out as well… that was a good summer for music :D)

8) Risque - Cute is What We Aim For

9) Whoah - Forever the Sickest Kids (so I distinctly remember my friends and I belting out lyrics to this in the middle of manhattan the day we went to meet Justin Bieber)

10) No One Can Touch Us - Sing it Loud

11) Weightless - All Time Low

12) Great DJ - Ting Tings

13) Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship

14) Secret Valentine - We the Kings

15) Ocean and Atlantic - Mayday Parade

16) I know you want meh - Pitbull (everytime i tried to listen to songs on the ‘delta’s party in the sky’ playlist, this song would pop out so i automatically associate it with italy and summer ‘09)

Summer ‘10:

1) The Rock Show - Blink 182 [warped tour ‘10 wooo!]

2) She Likes - Forever the Sickest Kids

3) One of those Nights - The Cab

4) Turn It Up - Holiday Parade


6) Crazy - Pitbull (cuz when i think of summer, i think of pitbull)

7) On the Brightside - Nevershoutnever

8) Happily Ever After - He is We

9) Right Girl - The Maine (THE MAINE CONCERT! some drunk dude  bit my ear at that… not joking)

10) Airplanes - BOB

11) The Hell Song - Sum 41

12) Naturally - Selena Gomez

13) Take It Off - Ke$ha

14) California Girls - Katy Perry

15) Love like Woe - The Ready Set

16) Be My Escape - Relient K

17) Flavor of the Week - American Hi-fi

Anonymous said: i think you should post your summer playlist :)

Which one - summer ‘09 or summer ‘10? I haven’t made a summer ‘11 playlist as of now cuz my summer hasn’t started yet, lol.

Anonymous said: yooooooooooo i heard you have a lot of followerrs you should promote people who follow u ....

lol you heard? i would but then it would clutter up my page and i’m very meticulous about what i post on my blog. i am doing a blog of the week promotion where users can vote here for a blog they think deserves it. so go vote for this week and then the next time i do this just message me and you’ll be nominated for the next week!

Anonymous said: Hows your love life going?

LOL um… it’s going somewhere i guess but idk, i have yet to make up my mind nor do i think i will anytime soon. i’m indecisive like that.

cinehma said: I'm in love with your blog<3 And I'm a fellow gleek too:D I have a question how'd you get the infinite scroll on your blog?

thank you so much fellow gleek <3

clickie here for infinite scroll